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Our offer: Fat-away injection

Sport and a healthy diet cannot always make stubborn little fat pads disappear. These so-called problem zones on the face, upper body, legs and buttocks are often genetically determined and can hardly be reduced even by targeted training. The fat-removal injection (injection lipolysis) is a gentle and gentle and low-risk methodto reshape the body contour.

Tightening the silhouette

The fat-away injection reduces localized fat deposits. For this purpose, we make targeted injections into the deep fatty tissue. The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine, which is partly produced by the body itself in small amounts, destroys the fat structures fat structures – the organism can then break down the fat on its own. At the same time, the procedure tightens the tissue of the treated region so that no excess skin remains.

Recommended body regions for injection lipolysis

After a detailed examination and in a joint consultation, we will clarify with you which stubborn fat deposits can be effectively treated with the fat-away injection. Please note that with the fat-away injection we can only remove smaller fat deposits very well, excess weight cannot be treated with this therapy. The fat-away injection achieves excellent results in the following areas of application, among others: Body:

  • Armpits (axillary fold)
  • Banana fold on the buttocks (gluteal banana)
  • Abdomen
  • Bra-fat (fat caused by bra or top)
  • Cellulite
  • Hip (love handles)
  • Correction after liposuction (Liposuction)
  • Upper arms (angle arm)
  • Thighs
  • Saddlebags
  • Back
  • Venus mound


  • Double chin
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Bull neck

Gentle contouring of small fat pads

The method is gentle and low-risk, undesirable side effects are almost impossible. The body regions are aesthetically shaped and tightened. Since the body contour changes slowly and continuously as a result of the fat-away injection, a repeat injection lipolysis is often necessary after approximately four to six weeks and is possible without any problems.

Fat-away injection or liposuction?

Stubborn fat deposits can hardly be reduced even by disciplined training and conscious nutrition. These classic problem areas can be treated with injection lipolysis can be treated effectively and gently. Severe overweight and larger fat deposits, on the other hand, cannot be reduced by this method. In these cases, liposuction is more suitable. As a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Brölsch will take plenty of time for you and explain in detail which treatment is most promising for your body part, both medically and aesthetically.


For whom is the fat-away injection suitable?

Injection lipolysis is advisable in the face and on the body for smaller fat deposits that are stubborn – for example, double chin, sagging cheeks, fat deposits on the abdomen or thighs. The method tightens and shapes the silhouette, but is not suitable for reducing excess weight. Also, the fat-away injection cannot be used if you are allergic to soy, as the active ingredient consists of soy components, among other things. If you have contraindications, we will be happy to show you our treatment alternatives.

Is the treatment painful?

The active ingredient is injected with very fine needles, depending on your sensitivity, the treatment may cause a feeling of pressure or slight pain, but this will quickly subside.

Is there swelling after injection lipolysis?

Slight swellings may occur after the treatment. They are a sign that the fat deposits have been destroyed and the organism can now remove them. It helps to cool the body region. As a rule, the swellings disappear after 3-4 days.

Fat-away injection at a glance:

Duration of the procedure

approx. 15 to 30 minutes


max. anesthetic cream

thread traction

not required Are you thinking about a fat-away injection? We will advise you and be by your side throughout the treatment process. Arrange a personal consultation appointment now. To make an appointment Only people who are overweight have fat deposits? Not true. Even slimathletic people can also suffer from stubborn problem zones suffer. Those who suffer from the localized fat can rely on the help of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Because with the Fat Away Injection (injection lipolysis), annoying fat deposits will soon no longer be an issue. This effective and at the same time gentle treatment is also offered at the Clinic im Centrum Stuttgart / SOHO Aesthetics. Dr. Johannes Schmitt advises you with pleasure without obligation about the possibilities of the Fat Away Injection. Please simply contact with our friendly team team.

For whom is the Fat Away Injection suitable?

If you want to lose weight despite sports and conscious nutrition smaller fat deposits have, then the Fat Away Injection can help you. In principle, the treatment can be performed on the entire body as well as on the face face. At the Clinic im Centrum Stuttgart, however, we only use this method to treat a double chin to remove a double chin. In this case, only a little active ingredient injected, which reduces the possible side effects of injection lipolysis minimized. To remove larger amounts of fatty tissue – for example, on the abdomen – we recommend another treatment such as Liposuction. In addition, fat removal injections are not suitable for patients who have lost their excess weight would like to reduce their excess weight.

How does the Fat Away Injection work?

In injection lipolysis, for example, the patient is given a substance called phosphatidylcholine is injected into the fatty tissue. This active ingredient sets off a controlled inflammation in motion. The fat cells in the injected area are broken down within a few weeks. within a few weeks.

Fat away injection – This is how the treatment is performed

Lipolysis is performed outpatient. Before the injections are placed, we anesthetize the area to be treated locally. Thus, you will only feel a slight sensation of pressure during the application. Depending on the size of the problem area, more or fewer injections. During the treatment of a double chin it is usually only one or two injections. For optimal results, it may be necessary to perform several applications necessary. We usually perform two treatments on our patients at an interval of eight weeks.

Result of the Fat Away Injection

The result of the Fat Away Injection is not immediately visible. Lipolysis is a processthat can take up to eight weeks weeks. For this the result of the treatment permanent. Provided that the patients continue to do regular sports and pay attention to Nutrition.

Fat off injection – hardly any risks

In the Clinic in the Centrum Stuttgart you will be advised and treated by Dr. Schmitt. As specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, he can perform the treatment with the fat away injection precisely and low-risk and at low risk. Nevertheless, harmless side effects such as swelling, redness and itching. As a rule, however, these are unproblematic and occur only temporarily temporary. More about the possible risks of the fat way injection you will learn in the personal consultation with Dr. Schmitt in Stuttgart.

Fat away injection in Stuttgart – costs

Your doctor will be able to tell you the cost of your treatment as soon as he has examined you and your ideas of the result. For this purpose, he will invite you in advance to a non-binding consultation at the Clinic im Centrum Stuttgart. Who wants to pay the costs of the treatment in partial amounts can do this with an installment installment credit from medipay.

Fat away injection: secure appointment for consultation

You want to get rid of excess fat and automatically think of liposuction? At smaller problem areas such as a double chin, you can help yourself with the injection lipolysis you may be able to avoid the need for surgery. You would like to know more about the treatment with the Fat Away Injection learn more? Then let our experienced doctor Dr. Schmitt in detail advise. Make an appointment quickly and easily by phone or by e-mail.

Fat-away injection in our qualified cosmetic surgery Düsseldorf

In our established specialist clinic for plastic and aesthetic medicine in Düsseldorf, doctors and clinic staff have been concentrating for over 10 years on treatments and interventions that serve both beauty and health. Not all surgical procedures require a stay in the clinic. More and more treatments can also be performed on an outpatient basis and are still extremely effective, contributing to a greater sense of well-being. At the same time, the experience of our specialists ensures a high degree of safety. We provide you with sufficient care before the procedure and afterwards in the event of follow-up treatments and possible complications. Of course, this also applies if you decide to have fat removal injections in Düsseldorf.

Aesthetic plastic surgery with different specialties

In our specialist clinic, we offer a wide range of treatments and operations tailored to the specific modeling of your own body. The focus is not only on body modeling. We also regularly perform procedures in the facial area such as profile corrections or nose operations. Here, we focus on modern treatment methods that carry a low risk and are designed to deliver convincing results. KÖ-Aesthetics cosmetic surgery in Düsseldorf focuses primarily on the following areas:

  • Liposuction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Wrinkle treatment with hyaluron and Botox
  • Facelift
  • Nose surgery / nose correction
  • Eyelid lift

Fat-away injection for stubborn fat pads

The term fat-away injection refers to injection lipolysis, which can be performed in Düsseldorf in one or more sessions. The treatment is aimed specifically at particularly stubborn fat deposits. In other words, those fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate even through a change in diet or exercise. The treatment is also useful for genetically predisposed fat deposits. Basically, however, the treatment should be accompanied by a change in lifestyle to ensure lasting and satisfactory results. Generally speaking, the Fat Away Injection is therefore not intended for “losing weight”, but only for targeted body modeling. Also to avoid frustration after a successful diet and to melt stubborn fat pads thanks to the treatment. However, it should be noted here that the result is not visible immediately. Therefore, the injection needs a few days to show its effect and gradually reduce the fat pad.

Fat-removal injection and injection lipolysis in Düsseldorf – the course of treatment

The Fat Away Injection in Dusseldorf uses a special active ingredient derived from natural soybean oil. Originally, this active ingredient was intended to reduce blood lipid levels, but is used in this procedure to reduce fat. As the name of the treatment suggests, this active ingredient is injected directly under the skin to virtually melt away the fat deposits there. Before the injection, the area of skin to be treated on the face or body is disinfected, but anesthesia is not necessary. Neither is a subsequent stay in the clinic. Patients can therefore go home immediately afterwards.

Aftercare and possible risks – How dangerous is the fat-removal injection?

Injection lipolysis in Düsseldorf differs significantly from classic liposuction. Also in terms of risks and pain directly after the procedure. The patient is only limitedly restricted after the fat-away injection and should only take it easy for a few days. Thus, one should refrain from sports as well as from massages of the previously treated skin area. In summer, it is still recommended to protect the skin with sunscreen. After the procedure, there may be signs of inflammation around the puncture site. Slight swelling and bruising are also possiblecombined with discomfort reminiscent of sore muscles. These often do not last longer than a few days. Possible risks of the fat removal injection at a glance:

  • slight swellings
  • Inflammatory symptoms
  • Bruising

Aftercare of the fat removal injection Düsseldorf

Unlike liposuction, the body must absorb the fat cells itself. This means that the effect of the treatment is not visible immediately afterwards, but only after some time. Otherwise, very little needs to be taken care of after lipolysis. Rest for the next three days is important, during which time sports should be avoided. During this time, saunas and massages are also taboo. If the treatment has taken place in the warm season, intensive treatment with sunscreen for the treated areas is important. The use of make-up should be avoided after treatment of the facial regions.

Fat removal injection – costs / prices

Of course, there are certain standard prices for every treatment, so also the costs of a fat-removal injection are bound to a price list. Thus, the costs for a fat removal injection start from from 250€. Please note, however, that we cannot quote fixed prices at this point. The personal situation and wishes of our individual patients play a decisive role here.

Fat removal injection – before and after pictures

Due to the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG) of 01.04.2006, before and after pictures of treatments with the Fat Away Injection are no longer allowed in the media, therefore we are not allowed to show you comparative pictures at this point. However, we can show you anonymous examples of our treated patients during a personal consultation in our practice. Plastic Molder Near Me.

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