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Sapote is a Noun. The noun or noun is the kind of word whose meaning determines reality. Nouns name all things: persons, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.


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Sapote is a term for a soft, edible fruit. The word is integrated into the common names of several independent fruit-bearing plants native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America. Some but not all sapotes are from the family Sapotaceae: Sapotaceae sapotes: Sapodilla, also called noseberry, is native to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, and possibly El Salvador. The sapotaceae were named after this species. Yellow sapote is native to Mexico and Central America. Mamey sapote is from southern Mexico to northern South America. Green sapote is native southern Mexico. Ebenaceae sapotes: black sapote, from eastern Mexico south to Colombia, is probably the original Aztec tzapotl. Chapote is from the lower Rio Grande Valley region of Texas and Mexico Other sapote White sapote is from northern and central Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala. South American sapote is from the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Sapote is a term for a soft, edible fruit. The word is incorporated into the common names of several unrelated fruit-bearing plants native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America. Some but not all sapotes come from the family Sapotaceae: Sapotaceae sapotes: Sapodilla, also called naseberry is native to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, and possibly El Salvador. The Sapotaceae were named after this species. Yellow sapote is native to Mexico and Central America. Mamey sapote is from southern Mexico to northern South America. Green sapote is native to lowland southern Mexico. Ebenaceae sapotes: Black sapote, from eastern Mexico south to Colombia, is probably the original Aztec tzapotl. Chapote is native to the lower Rio Grande valley region in Texas and Mexico Other sapotes White sapote is native to northern and central Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. South American sapote is native to the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Synonyms and antonyms of sapote in English in the dictionary of synonyms


sapote suebelle recipes taste nutrition facts black white sapote term soft edible fruit word incorporated into common names several unrelated bearing plants native mexico california rare growers adaptation successful wherever oranges grown mature trees found chico southward does poorly areas fruits veggies more matters flesh juicy creamy sweet mild flavor that hints flavors such coconut vanilla lemon unique combination chocolate pudding diospyros digyna surprisingly most popular like love fairchild tropical botanic garden pouteria sapota seasonally forests widely distributed before localharvest true story unlike anything planet earth sought cuban population miami exotic cape tribulation describes photograph gives information growing links custard cups tree angeles times have been trendy years these days they empty kind urban

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Learn how to translate sapote on 25 languages with our multilingual English translator. The translations from sapote to other languages presented in this section have been achieved through automatic statistical translationwhere the base unit of translation is the word “sapote” in English.

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sapote 1.325 million speakers

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zapote 570 million speakers


sapote 510 million speakers

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sapote 380 million speakers

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سابوتي 280 million speakers

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Sapote 278 million speakers

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sapota 270 million speakers

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sapote 260 million speakers

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sapote 220 million speakers

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Sapote 190 million speakers

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sapote 180 million speakers

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sapote 130 million speakers

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sapote 85 million speakers

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Sapote 85 million speakers

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sapote 80 million speakers

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sapote 75 million speakers

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साबण 75 million speakers

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sapote 70 million speakers

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sapote 50 million speakers

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Sapote 40 million speakers

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sapote 30 million speakers

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Sapote 15 million speakers

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Sapote 14 million speakers

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sapoten 10 million speakers

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sapote 5 million speakers

Trends in the use of sapote


The term “sapote” is most commonly used and occupies the place 90.116 on our list of the most used terms in the English dictionary. FREQUENCY Usually used The previous graph shows the frequency of use of the term “sapote” in different countries. The most important trends in the search and common use of sapote List of the most important searches performed by users when accessing our English dictionary and the most commonly used expressions with the word “sapote”.


The graph prints the annual evolution of the frequency of use of the word “sapote” over the last 500 years. Its implementation is based on the analysis of the frequency of occurrence of the term “sapote” in the digitized printed sources in English since 1500 until today.

Citations, bibliography and news about sapote in English


Discover the use of sapote in the following bibliographic selection. Books related to sapote and brief excerpts from them to contextualize its use in the literature. 1 Contributions from the United States National Herbarium There it is the chicle tree that is usually called “sapote,” while the tree with larger fruits is distinguished as “sapote grande” or “mammee sapota.” But “mammee” is also the name of another tropical fruit belonging to a different family, though … 2 Postharvest Biology and Technology of Tropical and … The books cover current state-of-the-art and emerging post-harvest and processing technologies. Volume 1 contains chapters on particular production stages and issues, whereas Volumes 2, 3 and 4 contain chapters focused on particular fruit. 3 Elsevier’s Dictionary of Trees: Volume 1: North America … sapoprieto 1325 sapote 4564, 4607, 6161, 6171, 6194, 6207, 7641, 8122 sapote apestoso 1705 sapote blanco 1422 sapote blanco de México 1422 sapote bobo 5419 sapote colorado 6194, 6203, 6205 sapote culebra 6162, 6164 sapote … 4 Postharvest Biology and Technology of Tropical and … White sapote flowers are small and green to yellow which make them very attractive to insects like bees or ants. Fruit of white sapote vary from 2 to 15 cm in length with an apple-green color when young to orange-yellow color at maturity. 5 Living Cuisine: The Art of Spirit of Raw Foods Sapote The sapote family of fruits is one of the most succulent and prized of fruit varieties. The flavor and textures are unusual and delectable. From the size of an egg to a small football, with texture from custard and cream to velvet avocado … Renee Loux Underkoffler, 2004 6 Miami Spice: The New Florida Cuisine SAPODILLA (also known as sapote): A round or egg- shaped, brown-skinned fruit that tastes like a pear that’s been injected with maple syrup. In season March through July. SUGAR APPLE: Related to the atemoya, this oval fruit is covered … 7 Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 6, Fruits Family Sapotaceae Common/English Names Lava Sapote, Mamey Colorado, Mamey Sapote, Mamee Apple, Mammee Sapote, Mamee Zapote, Marmalade Plum, Marmalade Tree, Red Sapote, Sapote, True Sapote, Zapotillo. Vernacular … 8 The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America Sapote fruit fly. The insect known as the sapote fruit fly, Anastrepha serpentina, in any stage of development. State. The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, or any State, territory, or possession of the United States. Forest Products Laboratory (U.S.), 1982 9 29 CFR Labor: CFR Part 1900-1910.999 Oriental, Sapote. Oriental. Peach. Melon. Melon, Peach. Melon. Mediterranean, Peach. Mediterranean, Peach. Mediterranean. Oriental. Mediterranean,2 Peach. Mediterranean. Sapote. Mediterranean, Peach. Mediterranean, Mexican, Peach. Office of The Federal Register, 2013 10 Eat, Drink, Think in Spanish: A Food Lover’s … Sapote sah-POH-leh Sapote FRUIT & VEGETABLES The general term for a very soft and ripe fruit. There are three unrelated fruit with sapote as part of their name — mamey sapote, black sapote, and white sapote. Sapote bianco sah-POH-teh …


Erfahre, worüber man in den einheimischen und internationalen Medien spricht und wie der Begriff sapote im Kontext der folgenden Nachrichten gebraucht wird. Mamey — A Tropical Miami Fruit That Should Become Mainstream Formally known as Mamey Sapote, this is a prevalent fruit grown and sold across South Florida. Although sizes vary, it is typically half a foot long and about a … «Forbes, Jul 15» Chocolate-flavoured exotic fruit Black sapote is a well-known tropical fruit in the Americas whose popularity is gradually increasing in Spain. Its properties are being promoted via the Internet, … «FreshPlaza, Apr 15» Creamy and sweet: Mamey sapote croissant bread pudding Mamey sapote is in season in Southwest Florida and is one of the many lush tropical fruit varieties grown here. It’s also low in fat, has no saturated fat and is a … «The News-Press, Okt 14» Craving Chocolate Pudding? Eat This Fruit Instead! Ever wish there were a fruit that tasted like chocolate? Well, guess what: A tropical fruit called black sapote, a species of persimmon that is native to eastern … «Shape Magazine, Aug 14» Black Sapote, Buah Cita Rasa Puding Cokelat Tahukah Anda? Black Sapote ini memiliki rendah lemak dan kaya akan vitamin C. Hal inilah yang menjadi alasan banyak orang mengkonsumsi Black Sapote … “JadiBerita, Aug 14” Meet the Chocolate Pudding Fruit It’s unclear why, but few Americans are aware of black sapote. It sounds sinister, yet that couldn’t be a more wrong characterization of this tropical fruit. “ABC News, Aug 14” L’olio di sapote per la bellezza dei capelli A quelli di oliva e di argan, di macadamia e di jojoba, di girasole e di lino, oggi si aggiunge quello di sapote, un olio che trova impiego in modo particolare nella … “BimbiSaniBelli, Jul 14” Olio di sapote Dall’albicocca dei Caraibi si ottiene un interessante olio che ha proprietà cosmetiche molto interessanti. Si tratta dell’Olio di sapote famose per contrastare la … “, Jun 14” Black Sapote – The Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding The black sapote is popularly known as the ‘chocolate pudding fruit’. It is a round, green-colored fruit with brownish interiors. The flesh is rich and custard-like … “NDTV, May 14” Per la bellezza dei capelli, arriva l’olio di sapote Aztechi per le proprietà organolettiche: è l’olio di sapote, ottenuto dalla spremitura a freddo del seme del frutto, che ricorda il sapore della mandorla amara. “, Apr 14″ REFERENCE ” EDUCALINGO. Sapote [online] , Dec 2022 “. Download the educalingo app Discover more words on

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sapote blanco Last updated: 2014-11-14 Frequency of use: 5 Quality: reference:


cachi di virginia [zapote nero, zapote bianco, zapote verde sapote canistel (zapote giallo) e mammey zapote]


american persimmon (virginia kaki) (black sapote, white sapote, green sapote, canistel (yellow sapote), and mammey sapote) Last updated: 2014-11-18 Frequency of use: 4 Quality: Reference: IATE


sapota grande Last updated: 2014-11-14 Frequency of use: 10 Quality: Reference: IATE

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