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Roadside assistance It doesn’t always have to be the ADAC – towing is also cheaper.

Many drivers are covered by the manufacturer, but still afford an expensive club membership. © Sestovic/Gettyimages Many drivers are in the ADAC because of the roadside assistance, but do not love the club. Yet no one has to stay in the gas-foot club just because they’re afraid of breaking down with their car. Not only since the scandal over the faked election of the “favorite car” of the Germans do many members quarrel with the ADAC, not every member shares the traffic policy positions of the club. Many only want the emergency service. And ADAC’s emergency service doesn’t come cheap: basic membership costs 49.90 euros a year. Breakdown service is also available from other clubs, and many insurance companies offer a mobility guarantee. Many drivers do not have to pay anything extra and are not alone at the roadside in the event of a breakdown.

Car manufacturer guarantees

Anyone who buys or leases a new car usually receives a mobility guarantee from the car manufacturer – this can last for two, five or even seven years. At seven years, Kia currently offers the longest mobility guarantee in Germany. Other manufacturers, who initially only help for two years, such as Ford or Audi ultimately offer comparable services. With them, the mobility guarantee is extended with every service in an authorized workshop. So with a newer car, you usually enjoy the protection of a mobility guarantee from your car manufacturer. It always includes breakdown service, towing to an authorized workshop and, if necessary, a loaner car. The scope of services varies in detail. But in most cases, the mobility guarantees of the car manufacturers go beyond the services of the ADAC. While car manufacturers usually guarantee their services throughout Europe, the ADAC basic cover only applies to Germany – Europe-wide services from ADAC require the more expensive Plus membership. If you drive a new car, you can usually save on the club membership fee. By the way: Even if you call your manufacturer’s hotline for help, a Yellow Angel can drop by. For several smaller car brands, the ADAC provides emergency assistance as a service provider.

Insurance cover letters

If you are not covered by the car manufacturer, you can fall back on the protection letter of a car insurance company. The insurance company offers services comparable to those of the car club, for considerably less money. The protection letter of the HUK for example costs depending upon vehicle only between six and twelve euro in the year. The services do not have to hide from those of the ADAC-Plus membership. In the case of repatriation, help is even provided if you are not traveling by car. Unlike the car clubs, however, the cover is not usually offered for cars that are more than ten years old. With an old, cheap car that can no longer be trusted, you can not avoid a club. If the car regularly breaks down, you can meet another pitfall of insurance: especially expensive customers do not have to be offered insurance.

Other traffic clubs

If you are looking for a different club but don’t want to support car lobbyists, you can take a look at the offer of the ecologically oriented VCD (Verkehrsclub Deutschland). The “Kfz-Schutzbrief mit Öko-Bonus” costs from 29 euros for low-emission cars, but an old stinker with Euro 2 standard already costs 59 euros. On top of this comes the membership fee for the VCD. So eco-protection has organic prices, and the offer is no bargain. The ACE (Auto Club Europa) offers good protection for families for 59.70 euros. In addition to the actual member, his family members are covered, and the protection is also valid throughout Europe. Membership in the traditional AvD (Automobile Club of Germany), which has existed since 1899 after all, costs 64.90 worldwide – only 34.90 euros nationwide.

The Jim Drive app

The breakdown app Jim Drive also offers attractive conditions. The basic package for one person and Germany costs 39.99 euros. More exciting is the Europe package for 59.99 euros a year. With a three-year contract, the annual cost is as low as 43 euros. The service package offers Europe-wide breakdown and accident assistance, travel assistance and help in the event of illness – even abroad. Included is, for example, the return transport of sick adults and children – if necessary also accompanied by a doctor. +++ More information: Jim Drive – Competition for ADAC: Roadside assistance at a bargain price +++

Conclusion: It’s not just the price that counts

There are alternatives to ADAC, and many of them are significantly cheaper. So is membership with the top dog pointless? The answer is a resounding yes. ADAC’s breakdown service costs money, but it is also considered friendly and accommodating. Members don’t have to expect the Yellow Angel to be the first to check the fine print to save the club an expensive call-out. Drivers who feel helpless in the event of a breakdown or accident because they are ill or old, or because they have to look after not only their car but also children, may also be better off with the mega-club because it has far more of its own staff than other helpers. Insurance companies that sell protection certificates ultimately only cover the costs of some kind of breakdown service; they do not have their own network of helpers as extensive as the ADAC. Another point: To be sure that you will receive competent help in the event of a serious accident abroad, you should not only decide what services are covered on paper, but also find out what help you can actually expect on the ground. #Topics

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Discount Towing Near Me.

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