Preg Card

Pregnancy cards

Announce the good news. Share your wonderful happiness with friends and family by announcing your pregnancy with an adorable pregnancy card.

To the cards To the cards Now New: Our Photo Book Because time goes by so fast and because every little moment counts. Capture your most beautiful memories in a photo book. All photo books Satisfaction guaranteed We lovingly check the quality of your pregnancy card before printing and correct any mistakes. We will get back to you if we have any queries. Surprisingly simple Quick and easy: Simply select the most beautiful design for the pregnancy card, insert photo and text. That’s it. Truly unique Look forward to the largest selection of designs, colors and formats when designing the pregnancy card and create an unforgettable one-of-a-kind. We deliver the pregnancy cards in 1-3 days. Even faster with our express shipping.

Announce pregnancy with pregnancy cards

A baby is announcing itself! You want to share your sweet secret with family and friends and are thinking how best to announce your pregnancy? Surprise the people close to your heart with a stylish pregnancy card! With this printed snapshot of your happiness, let your loved ones share in your happiness. The memory of your call fades with the years, a digital message eventually disappears into the archives. Your pregnancy card, on the other hand, will remain and provide a smile in the family album even when the lovingly announced baby has long since become a teenager or even an adult.

Pregnancy cards as a loving memory

Even if you have perhaps already delivered your baby news in the closest circle in person or by telephone – all your loved ones are simply delighted with a pregnancy card! The grandparents-to-be, aunts and uncles, but also friends, the future godfather or godmother and dear colleagues – everyone who is close to you will feel especially appreciated when you announce your pregnancy to them with a high-quality card. And don’t forget to order two copies for yourself and your baby. Your pregnancy announcement will remind you of the exciting time years from now – and it makes a sweet 18th birthday gift for your sweetheart.

A special occasion needs a special design

Wrap your great news in a design that’s just right for you: Do you like floral? Then you’ll love Soft Florals or Rustic Green Magic. Keep it simple and elegant with Big Secret . And you can announce your pregnancy with Deep Love – this card can even be finished with gold, silver or rose gold foil. Look around our store and find your favorite design – there is something for everyone. Whether you want to announce your pregnancy with picture or original with a poem – our designs create the right basis for it.

Design baby news in no time

The design of your pregnancy cards is very simple: You choose your favorite design, the desired options and the number of cards in the store and get to our design program with the button DESIGN NOW. Think about which picture you would like to use to announce your pregnancy: a baby bump picture, a family photo or the first ultrasound picture? As a small design help we have already created photo and text fields for you and set text suggestions in an optimally matching font. Of course you can change everything according to your wishes! Just upload your photo, exchange the sample text for your own and adjust fonts, colors or size and position of the fields as you like. The preview shows you at any time how your card currently looks.

Envelopes and extras take a lot of work off your hands

Your pregnancy announcement not only needs to be attractively designed, but also beautifully packaged! So that you don’t have to spend a long time looking for suitable envelopes, you can order the right envelopes for each card format at the same time. And to save you the tedious task of labeling them by hand, it’s best to have them printed with the sender’s and recipient’s addresses right away. As an alternative to the ready-printed envelope, sender and recipient labels are available in various designs. To print them, simply upload an Excel spreadsheet in the design program or enter the sender or recipient addresses directly there. Then all you have to do is stick the labels on the envelopes and get your baby news on its way.

Quality and shipping

Once you’ve finished designing your pregnancy announcement and completed the ordering process, your cards will go to print as soon as possible. They will also be checked again by our service team before release. Are there typos or are there still sample names in the card? Is the image quality sufficient for printing? If an error has crept in, we will contact you immediately. If everything is correct, the service team will release your pregnancy announcement for printing and you will have your cards in your hands within a few days. If things have to happen really quickly, you can rely on our express shipping service! Preg Card.

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